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Seafood Lover’s Florida by Bruce Hunt is a guidebook to Florida’s best seafood restaurants and markets, with insightful sidebars and interviews, plus recipes and tips.

Bruce Hunt’s long-awaited 4th edition of  his popular Visiting Small-Town Florida travel guide features 79 charming, eclectic, and historic towns, tiny villages, and crossroads. Tour historic districts, museums, galleries, and antique shops. Find quaint lodging, great local-cuisine Mom-and-Pop diners, and hole-in-the-wall bar-and-grills. Marvel at the intricate architecture of past centuries. Learn about each town’s history and meet some of the unusual and endearing characters that live there. Simultaneously a guide book, history book, and travelogue, Visiting Small-Town Florida, 4th Edition lets you experience the flavor of Florida’s back road burgs, while having all the pertinent visitor information at your fingertips.

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Visiting Small-Town Florida, 4th Edition

FLORIDA'S BEST BED & BREAKFASTS AND HISTORIC HOTELS by Bruce Hunt is a guide to 140 quaint Florida bed & breakfasts and grand historic hotels.

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TRAIL MIXED  by Bruce Hunt


Alvin Tanninger lives at The Manor, a “budget” senior housing/assisted living facility in Brevard, North Carolina. Alvin lost his wife to cancer six years ago and now keeps to himself, but he has made two friends: Rose, a former Boll Weevil Festival Queen from Enterprise, Alabama; and Mort, a WWII vet prone to senility. Mostly out of boredom Alvin begins to piece together a plan to walk away from The Manor and go hike the Appalachian Trail, or at least a section of it. The planning and plotting almost becomes an obsession to him, and then the day comes to leave. Like the Appalachian Trail itself, Alvin’s quest takes unforeseen twists and turns that place him in life-altering and life-threatening situations. Other characters in Alvin’s tale include Chad, a college drop-out who (although uninvited) joins him on the hike; Webb, a misfit orderly at The Manor; and Alvin’s estranged and trouble-magnet daughter, Melanie.